Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My kind of freedom

"Man first of all exists, encounters himself, surges up in the world – and defines himself afterward." Jean-Paul Sartre

I stand alone on the rocky shore--wind whipped, rain-soaked, lips tasting like salt spray--looking out into the ocean. My internal workings begin to match the ebb and surge of the ocean. The tightness in me retreats. No one in the entire world knows I'm here, standing at the ocean's edge whooping loudly into the wind, celebrating the crashing waves.

I stand alone on the rocky shore and, for a moment, belong to the world unselfconsciously.


  1. We loved it! Thanks for bring us some adult entertainment!

  2. Simply awesome... now THAT's what I call a blog post! The Bold Coast trail was recommended to me about a month ago and now I can't wait - I'll be heading there next year. Campsite 2, for sure!

  3. awesome video!! you have inspired me: i am GOING!

  4. Hey fretless,

    Yes! Go to the Bold Coast! I highly recommend the fall, middle of the week if possible. The more deserted the better! Glad the video inspired you. It inspires me too.

    Also, I checked out your web page and was astonished to see that you're the bassist for Ameranouche! (I only saw them when Harlan was the bassist years ago)My husband and I joke all the time about wanting to have a party and hire you guys to play at our house! Ameranouche is such fun and I'll look forward to seeing you in Brattleboro this summer maybe!

  5. Jen,
    I need to go the Bold Coast! Darren was talking to me about it and I might just do it: if I can get the legs to cooperate... Thanks for sharing: that was one nice video!