Monday, March 1, 2010

Small Fragments of Convergence

  • At Mocha Joe's I'm absorbed in a menatlly/emotionally heavy way by Sam Harris', The End of Faith. I'm reading about some of the difficult ethical/moral questions that are similar when considering the wartime topics of collateral damage and torture. Our collective acceptance of one and our (in general) abhorrence of the other is difficult to reconcile from a reasonable and logical perspective. It demonstrates ethical incoherence and inconsistency that is nearly impossible to reconcile.
  • At the same time I overhear the woman behind the counter comment that "writing 'balanced and nutty' to describe this coffee flavor seems kind of odd."
  • I'm killing time here before my cello lesson. Right at this moment the song playing in the background happens to be someone's version of "Hard Times Come Again No More". It happens to be this version:

    If only the singing were to make it so.

    To steal a phrase from a character in one of my favorite books: My boots are heavy.

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