Monday, January 31, 2011

Color Cravings

Have you ever craved a color? If so, do you always long for the same color or do you crave various shades from the spectrum of visible light depending on your mood? Maybe it's never even occurred to you that a color can be craved with as much certainty as salty foods or chocolate.

To me, this is the color of the sea.

When I long for a color, it is always this one.

Does craving a color signify a deficiency of some sort?

 The way that the craving to eat dirt can indicate a lack of iron?

I am deficient in ocean and so I crave.


  1. It's a gorgeous color and it makes me want an umbrella drink and a floaty device. ;)
    Seriously though. Beautiful post. Are these lovely things the work of your hands?

  2. Yes, umbrella drinks and floaty devices!

    The necklace I made several winters ago, probably on another day when I was craving this color. I remember making it and wanting so badly to be at the ocean. It had a pendant made of etched shell, but it's fallen off along the way. The fabrics are from a bag of mixed remnants I purchased at Delectable Mountain in Bratt a couple winters ago. I have no idea what I thought I was going to do with them. Yesterday I ironed them and arranged them by color groups. (Weirdness) I tried to do something artistic with them today, but it sucked. So, I just gave up and took pictures of the color I crave.