Monday, May 19, 2008


I picked up the mower from Bibens Hardware this morning and succeeded in taming the lawn. I think it's kind of sad when we finally give in to the social pressure of a "manicured" lawn. However, there is a small section in the back behind some pine trees that Chip and I have refused to mow since we moved here. It's lawn care rebellion. It's our in-town field and I think the neighbors secretly admire us for our willingness to just let that part of our six-tenths of an acre be wild and free (Well, at least no one has complained to the town yet).

A few years ago we had some septic work done and it created these two "landing strips" in the back yard where nothing much wants to grow now. When the grass was in its more feral state these spots were concealed pretty well. As I mowed down the tall grass I felt like I was cutting the lawn's comb-over. The yard feels self conscious now.

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