Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Incedible Edible...


That's right, it's time once again for edible flower season. In the past my flower eating has extended only to Nasturtiums, Violets, Pansies and Clover. Nasturtiums with their spicy, peppery flavor and beautiful colors are by far my favorite.

Today I did an internet search for a list of edible flowers with the hope of extending my flower diet even further. I've already reported to three different people at work that Lilac flowers are edible. I didn't know that. Peonies? Johnny Jump-ups? This is so exciting! Most people don't share my enthusiasm for eating flowers although I'm not sure why. I mean it's not like back in 5th grade when I decorated my desk with stickers that spelled out "I love worms". I can now see that passion was too far outside the norm for other kids to get. But flowers? What's not to love about eating flowers?

So, do yourself a favor and follow this link to learn about what you can pick and nibble on the next time you wander around your yard.

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