Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Totally Frivilous Post About Nothing Important

Warning: This post is a complete waste of time and only if you are truly bored out of your skull should you read any further. Consider yourself warned.

A consistent theme of some sort surfaces when one studies my "celebrity" crushes from early childhood to pre-teen years.

1. Casper the Friendly Ghost

2. Kermit the Frog ("singing" here with Debbie Harry...ah the early '80s...painful)

While looking for a video to showcase good 'ol Kermit I found a clip of him singing Radiohead's Creep but I didn't put it here because Kermit dropping the F-bomb is just wrong. But funny.

3. Elliott the dragon from Pete's Dragon

4. Gilligan but not the Professor

5. Luke Skywalker not Han Solo (I didn't realize Han Solo was supposed to be the sexy one)

6. Radar but not Hawkeye or Pierce (Radar had a teddy bear and was so painfully shy, *sigh*)

7. Robin but not Batman (I'm talking the old TV show, the one where they wore colored tights)

What a bunch of sissies. All of them. It's embarrassing.

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