Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter. A Fickle Mistress.

I don't care for the slogan "Work hard, play hard." Only an adult could come up with something so serious. Most adults don't spend nearly enough time playing. I don't mean perfecting some hobby, like golf or watercolor painting or yoga. I mean romping, falling down, laughing, engaging in silliness that feels pointless but absolutely life-affirming.

Life is Good, right? That's what the t-shirts claim, anyway.

Unfortunately, winter is a fickle mistress. As an adult you may be forced to deal with the parts of winter that try to defeat the creative spirit you just captured while out playing like some foolish little kid.

Life is Crap, some other shirts suggest.

How 'bout we settle for Life Just Is? If I wasn't such a nontrepreneur, I'd start my own Existential t-shirt business. Does Existentialism sell these days?

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