Friday, April 17, 2009

Musings provided by unstructured time

Sometimes I look around and ponder the scene I would leave behind if I died right now, or perhaps, disappeared instantly. I imagine the scene through eyes other than mine, the scene one would come upon when discovering my absence. What would be meaningful? What would be revealing? What would remain unexplained? What would make Chip, or anyone else who knows me, smile, shake his head and think...yep, that's Jen for ya?

What artifacts, what evidence do we leave of our minute to minute existence?

I look around now, right now, and see: the folding metal chair - partially covered with an old sheet to make it feel a little softer - sitting in front of the garage, the strange little gardening tote that turns into a stool positioned as a foot rest, The book, Darwin's Dangerous Idea by Dennett along with my index card of notes and comments, inside - the laundry still going, my summer clothes taken out of storage and piled haphazardly upstairs, winter clothes now optimistically out of sight. In the kitchen the computer is open, gmail up and running like it often is, all my bead stuff out on the table and a necklace half put back together, a glass of wine mostly gone. Evidence of an afternoon spent leisurely, no task fully completed, everything in medias res. The way every good story begins.


  1. Hey Jen!

    Thanks for your comments on my story - I quite agree about the first two paragraphs. Although it would be beneficial, I don't really do much editing or revising - at least with these super-short stories. I see them as one-shot experiments as I try my hand at fiction. I started a novel though that I am constantly editing.

    I believe a few of my stories have been from a third person POV, although I feel a lot more comfortable writing in the first person. "Holding Hands" came out well though I think. I enjoyed your garbage man/raccoon story, partly because I'm fascinated by human-animal relationships. At one point I thought they were one being.

    I picked up The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place - I never thought I'd listen to a rock type band in times of contemplation except for perhaps Radiohead. I love the instrumentals. Thanks for the recommendation.

    From the looks of the picture below, it seems you're doing quite well - I can actually see your cozy toes! I'm doing okay myself, despite being in a period of stagnancy. Things are looking up though I think, especially with this beautiful weather.

    'Twas great hearing from you! I hope that glass of wine didn't go to waste - that would be a real shame. Although I'll admit I'm having hard time finishing this bitter zinfandel I picked up the other day. I think I'm going to stick with cabs, syrahs, and pinots from now on - at least in the cheap(under $20) variety.

  2. I love it! It's been awhile since I've checked the blog, but I love the last 2 posts. Summer unleashes hidden freedoms!