Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scattered thoughts

I have been feeling a deep pull to write something, but the truth is that my thoughts are too scattered and varied to sum-up into a compact blog post. I am continually stymied by attempting to choose a starting point.

My thoughts these days cover the gamut from: what it means to become "friends" with someone (how it develops, how it lasts, how it ebbs and flows, how email and internet affect friendships, how they vanish or resume and what it is that makes someone a friend v. just an acquaintance or colleague), to the wonders of watching insect ecosystems happen right in my yard and then destroying them, to losing any disgust inherent in squashing a slug with my bare fingers in order to protect my veggie and flower plants, to pondering what happens to my intellectual pursuits when I suddenly lose almost all my solitary time but to a job that I actually love; a job that pays me one third what my "real" job pays but where I work 10 times as hard and gain about that much more satisfaction from my efforts.

That was an insanely long sentence and full of grammatical errors. Oh well. Such is my don't care none 'bout them thar grammar rules 'n such, just thinks thoughts in a messy sorta way. Ain't it purty?

Maybe I can tackle some of these thoughts and feelings individually and have a sudden burst of blog productivity. Perhaps just cracking the shell is enough to let the inside goo run out and spread into a form of some sort. Or maybe these moments will pass and these thoughts will be forever lost to my subconscious mind, dredged up only for strange, incoherent dreams and random melancholy feelings of nostalgia.


  1. I thought we already discussed this issue in depth long ago. I would just as soon expect you to write about the word "appreciation."


  2. Dave, you know I really appreciate your comment. ;p

  3. The appreciation is mutual... with reservations.

  4. Sorry man, CozyToes doesn't take reservations. It's not that kind of a swanky establishment! :-)

  5. I'm so bummed out by that... lol.

  6. Wow, that was a long sentence! I passed out due to lack of oxygen. I just recovered to find out that USA almost won a World class soccer event. Where am I and what is going on.
    Glad you like your menial job. It is very strange how that happens. Big money doesn't mean big satisfaction. That must be the reason I like to mow the lawn! Keep crushing those pesky slugs.The veggies will reward you.