Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another dead thing and a Down East sunrise

We took a roadtrip to Maine. First to the AMC Knubble Bay Cabin with some friends and then way the eff Down East so I could fill my backpack with rocks and bring them back to Vermont. Like we don't have enough rocks here.

The Trip. In Photos.

 I saw a metallic glint in the sand. "Oo! A pretty shell!" I said to myself and 
picked up the shiny thing. But it wasn't a shell. It was a very recently dead
tropical-looking fish! After oogling it by myself for a minute, I showed it to Chip and then said,
"I'm going to go share this cool dead thing with the new people."
 It's my litmus test for judging people I've just met.  Doug and Sam passed the test. 

 Skinny fish. And I know you're all wondering if I did the same thing with this fish
that I did with that cardinal head from last month. No. Gross.
 Dead fish in my pocket for 4 days until I get back to VT?
Even I have limits. 

Chip commanding over Morse Beach

I just can't seem to leave the wildlife alone. 

And then we drove. A long way, until we got to the end of the earth. Okay, really, just one particular, arbitrary end point on a map of the USA. Lubec, ME. Where there is a gift shop near the Quoddy Lighthouse that boasts: "The easternmost gift shop in the USA!"

 West Quoddy Head lighthouse. A quick stop before heading
out on the Bold Coast Trail for an overnight. 

 I'm pointing to the bluff in the distance where we'll be setting up camp. 
I was here, by myself, three years ago. But this time I get to share it with Chip!

 Teeny, tiny Chip. Great big sea and rocks.

 It's cold, dark and 7:30pm. What to do? Go to bed fully and even doubly clothed. 
No. I'm not kidding. 7:30, sleeping. But that means I'm fully rested to see the sunrise!!!!

The Sunrise Series

 I'm up and out of the tent at 6:05 a.m. 
This is the first shot of sun coming up over the ocean.

 Sunrise 2.

 Sunrise 3

 Sunrise 4

 Sunrise 5

 Sunrise 6

 Sunrise 7 - really. This is for real. 

 Sunrise 8 - I wish I could taste this. 
Does that make sense? I don't care. A-mazing!

 Sunrise 9

 Sunrise 10

 Day two of the hike. We went about a mile until we got to Jennifer Cove (I took the liberty of renaming it). 
Since 12 hours of sleep wasn't quite enough, Chip took a nap.
while I worked hard harvesting the most beautiful rocks in the world. 

 I took this picture so that I wouldn't have to carry all these home with me. But, in the end,
my will was weak and I carried 4 pounds of rocks (almost all you see here) 
 four miles back to the car. Chip thought it was particularly amusing
 that I packed them into my "Go-Lite" stuff sack! 

 Me experiencing beach combing bliss on Jennifer Cove.

 Chip looking out over the ocean.

 1.5 miles to go. Powered by green peppers!!!! 

 Where we stayed pre- and post backpacking. 
Great burger. Great beer. Great views. Great local people.

Down town Lubec, ME.  
A hot-bed of activity on Wednesday morning.

Dear Way the Heck Down East Maine, 
You are pretty darn awesome. Especially because of signs like the one we saw on a small shed-like store that advertised: RED POTATOES, WOOD PELLETS, PIGLETS.
What more could you need? Thanks for another great visit.  

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  1. This is an awesome post! I think I would have been tempted to wrap and keep that fish. Gorgeous! But the rocks, the rocks! I am so jealous of those rocks. They make me want to jump in a car and drive for hours. Thank you for sharing your wonder. xo M