Monday, January 7, 2008

I Begin

"Leap and trust that there will be a net to catch you." So I've heard Brave Creators say. I have not practiced trusting The Universe to catch me when I jump. I believe in being my own safety net. Truth be told, I mostly believe in not jumping in the first place. My way can't continue. I'm wilting. Drowning. Dying. Worse than dying, I'm dulling.

Who are Brave Creators? Brave Creators live unafraid to make mistakes. Brave Creators observe the world, taste it, turn it over in their mouths, inhale it's smells. They embrace change, seek it out. They fight against stagnation and boredom for all they're worth. Brave Creators never cower from life. They ask themselves "What is the meaning of life?" and whoop back into the meaningless world, "To Live!" And then they really do.

I am a Brave Creator starting now. Are you?


  1. You my dear Toe Cozy are anything but boring. Your humor, your adventures, it is all an inspiration. Truly. That being said . . . I hear ya on leaping into life. I am still so scared, but I am also leaping. Blindly, maybe and certainly not bravely but doing it anyway. Here's to your "jump" . . .


  2. Do you know where it is that you want to leap? Figuring that out has always been my challenge.

    You are definitely brave and putting it out into the universe is your first step. Good for you!

    I'm with you on this. Fight the evil boredom monster!


  3. A good begining, Jen. May your writings be free, may your life be not dull and may your beer always be cold.


  4. That's deep sis- I have subscribed to your blog and will be copying and pasting all content into a Word Doc for publishing later!: - )

  5. Seema - thanks for the kind words. I think you leap pretty bravely into your adventures. I can't wait to hear about the AT as you go. Here's to Feb. 29th, Leap Day. Maybe I should choose that as D-day for myself. Hmmm...good idea!

    Nancy - no I don't really know where I'm leaping. That's why it's scary. Thanks for fighting the boredom monster. You're good at it since you're leisure-phobic.

    Jay - Nah, not deep really. It's all been said before. I just need to say it all my own way in order to believe it, I guess. So, don't waste your time with that publishing idea. But if it works...I want an 80% cut. ;-)

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    i'm Catherine (the Mediterranean tortoise from the ewriting course).

    Hey I like your writing style. I particularly was gripped by your account of your jury experience. It sounds like you haven't done your three years or juries yet. If there's more about this experience i'd really like to read about it.....

    I'm on a lane parallel to yours. In November i let go of my safety net teaching job because i felt it wasn't what i'm meant to be doing in life. So what am i meant to be doing? That's what i'm giving myself time to find out. At times i get rather impatient with myself, but i look at the trees who take their time to grow new leaves, to blossom, to bear their fruit.

    It was rather scary buying Xmas gifts with no salary coming in. But i'm trying not to sell out for now and return to some frustrating job. I know that i want to write, if i manage to have the time work on an environmental project, and earn a living for me, my three children and dog. Maybe i won't manage everything, maybe i'll manage some, maybe i won't, But i would've tried. I want to join the Brave Creators!

    Take care. Catherine