Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh Deer, have I got problems...

I found myself in the woods hidden among young trees and rocky outcroppings. I strained my eyes and ears for signs of the creature I heard approaching but could not make it out. I waited and peered intently to my right. Suddenly a large buck with a rack that looked somewhat like that of a caribou's stepped into view from a direction I had not expected. The animal stopped and turned in my direction. He looked haughty and perturbed by my presence in his forest. I tried to stand perfectly still, thinking that if he didn't see me move he would lose interest and go about his business someplace else. But soon his nose was poking right into my face as I stood frozen with fear. The buck studied me, snorted a few times, looked right into my eyes and then turned around. Phew! He's going away, I thought. But no! He backed right up against me with his butt, pushed me against the rock and proceeded to POOP all over me! And it wasn't normal, cute little deer turd pellets either. It was big and copious and messy. Disgusting! Next thing I know, the animal's gone and I'm covered with some kind of clay like deer shit stuff trying to explain this all to my Mom.

Anyone got experience with dream interpretation? Maybe now would be a good time to start some Jungian style psychotherapy. Clearly I need it!

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