Thursday, July 17, 2008

Curiosity killed who?

It won't kill me, but man, does it ever sting like a mofo. It's been a long time since I've been stung by anything. Last week while mowing the lawn I almost ran the mower right over a hole in the ground that housed a community of yellow jackets. Now, I'm not too scared of things like honey-bees or bumble bees. But yellow jackets? They are aggressive, untrustworthy, meat and sugar loving stinging war mongers. They don't like to be disturbed. So, I avoided a two foot square area when mowing.

Fast forward to today. While hanging up some clothes on the line, I noticed that there were some these new, larger holes in the yard. It looked like something had been busy digging. Then I realized the holes penetrated he lair of the yellow jackets! Huzzah! Hooray! Some nocturnal critter dug into the yellow jackets and I'm saved! I pictured a skunk digging down into the nest and devouring them in ecstasy, stinging be damned! (Do skunks do that?)

Fast forward even more to taking down the clothes this afternoon. Now, mind you, I've been working in the sun all day with paint fumes and mineral spirits. Plus, I did just have one Gin & Tonic. I get the smart idea to check out the holes again. All is quiet. No action. Death to the Yellow Jackets! I roll a small rock that's been dislodged from the digging skunk (?) down into the lair.... A swarm of black and yellow striped hoodlums rushed out in an agitated fashion to see what the hell just happened. I yelped in surprise and run away. But not before I feel a hot jab of pain on my lower calf. I swipe at it, but all I get is my own blood on my fingers. I forgot how intense and concentrated the sting of a yellow jacket can be.

Stupid curiosity. What do you think happened to that creature that tried to eat them??? Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

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