Thursday, July 17, 2008

On a Bender with Radiohead

Many of you won't care about this post even more than you don't care about some of my other posts. Tough. Yesterday while cruising around You Tube for who knows what I stumbled onto this 52 minute movie from Radiohead with all the songs from their new album played in a recording session kind of setting. I'm hooked. I've watched it twice since last night and listened to it through the windows 3 times while working outside today. In case you haven't seen it and in case you're a Radiohead fan and because I am addicted to this right now, I must embed Radiohead:

And this got me thinking about art and how it speaks to us individually or collectively. After I spent so much time watching and listening to this video, I sat down at the piano and played stuff that I'd never played before. Made it up, different than what I normally make up. The effort and creativity put forth (for free, by the way) by some famous group of musicians across the Atlantic--who I will never know, meet or befriend-- inspired me to create my own music. Music I'd never played before and music that made me feel excited and alive. And that got me to thinking that maybe the highest achievement of one's artistic endeavors is when they inspire others who hear them, see them, read them, taste them, touch them, smell them, toward life-affirming creations of their own. Not to be some rarefied, untouchable, unknowable, "I don't get it" kind of thing, but to cause people to feel the marrow of their existence, the meaninglessness of it and from that-- the desire to create. I think as of today, that is my definition of art.

Or maybe it's too many paint fumes getting to me.

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