Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Common Cold Injury

I have been in the oh-so-enjoyable coughing stage of my cold for a few days now. The coughing stage tends to last long enough to make you worry that you've got something other than the common cold. Well, somehow my coughing, um, technique has caused me to strain my lingual frenulum. It's the piece of skin that connects your tongue to the bottom of your oral cavity. It's not too short and it's not too long. It's just right to keep your tongue where it's supposed to be (unless you have ankyloglossia--"tongue-tied"-- then you have to have a lingual frenectomy).

Well, my lingual frenulum hurts from coughing too much. As do my brain and my stomach muscles. Yesterday and today have also been BAD (bad allergy days). I've been a good sport about this until now, but I'm ready for the cold to be finished and the allergies to go away. It's making me sad and hurty.

I'm done whining. For now.

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