Monday, July 7, 2008

This Beats Audiology Any Day

The cold is gone. The energy level is back in full swing and I am kicking butt. That is, at least, if good intentions and earnest hard work equal kicking butt. Here's a short video showing my very first exterior window work.

Getting the old glazing putty off the windows is not easy. I usually do everything the hard or wrong way first, so it wouldn't surprise me if there's an easier way. Putting new glazing putty on is not easy either. I finished an entire window, and was thoroughly frustrated with the results, before calling my Dad to get his This Old House-Greenley Style advice. Mix a little mineral spirits into the putty while working it in your hands until it's like cookie dough, smoodge it into the desired area not worrying about how "pretty" it looks, wipe the putty knife in a little more mineral spirits, set it at the correct angle and draw across the entire length of the window in one fluid movement. Voila! Spreads like warm butter, baby! He also said that after I'd done about one thousand windows I'd probably get the hang of it. So, with that advice I both improved my technique and lowered the bar on my expectations which gave the overall effect of hugely improved satisfaction with my work. Thanks Dad!

I didn't realize how involved this project would be. I've been to Bibens Hardware multiple times and feel like I'm getting to know the people there, which is fun. I'm learning a new skill and watching myself improve with each window I tackle. Plus at the end of an entire day of scraping, sanding, glazing, painting and working outside, a beer tastes damn, damn fine. This beats doing Audiology any day.

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