Monday, June 16, 2008

Things With Which I've Injured Myself

I know it's hard to believe, but I am not always graceful. I have a colorful history of odd injuries and stunning bruises. The short historical list:

  • I bruised the under part of my forearm on the handle of a wooden spoon
  • I cut my fingers with a plastic spatula
  • I smashed my face with the edges of a saucepan trying to sniff to see if it was clean
More recently I've:
  • Crashed my right thigh into the base of a theft detector at the grocery store while trying to maneuver around an old lady blocking the entire doorway
  • Wrenched my left big toe on my pajamas.
That one happened just last night. I was playing "chase the string" with the cat, running slowly back and forth between the two upstairs rooms. While looking over my shoulder to see if she was interested in the game, my left big toe somehow got tangled up in the bottom of my right pajama bottom. Both feet came off the ground and I fell into a heap on the bedroom floor. The cat trotted in behind me and sniffed at my face and at my feet. Then she alternated between cleaning herself and staring at her hysterically laughing caretaker. My toe feels a little funny this morning.

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  1. Okay, NO MORE grief when I slip on wet rocks or get stuck on the Holt Trail.